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April 26, 2011
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The Merchant - Resident Evil 4 by DugFinn The Merchant - Resident Evil 4 by DugFinn
Edit! I'm featured as the Merchant in the RE mini-series Resident Evil Residential Files Eps 2 Video!!! Watch it here:…

My Facebook Page! Please Like me!! :iconilikeitplz:…


I'm not sure who took this photo, but that's me :icondugfinn: cosplaying the Merchant. I'm really happy with how the photos came out. I added them together so both the backpack and belts could better be seen.

How I Made the Cosplay
I put the Merchants outfit together over the course of a few weeks. Much of it is thrift store items that have been fully mutilated to create that lovely RE4 look.

The trench coat is all leather. Got it at a thrift store and sewed a hood on and distressed the ends of the sleeves and trench coat hem lines. Inside his coat, there are all the pouches he has in the game. I usually carry guns (and Pokemon cards) in there.

I used an assortment of belts and leather pouches to create the straps and such for the insides of the trench coat, the robe and the apron. I had to do a lot of cutting, sewing and glueing for that one. (Note to self: leather belts are a pain in the ass to hand stitch!)

I custom painted the gloves with sharpie markers and the shoes with spray paint. Living in TX, it's super easy to find heavy duty leather boots at the thrift store all the time. Lucky, tee-hee! The shoes are several sizes bigger than my feet to give the illusion that I'm "bigger" than I really am, heh.

The backpack is also made of leather. I found a few leather luggage bags at the thrift store and took them all apart and re-sewed them all together to create the frankenstein's monster of a luggage back pack that the Merchant has. It is amazing. The backpack is fully usable and I often carry spare clothes, brown eggs, guns and bananas in there.

I custom drafted a pattern for the robe and made that out of drapery fabric found in the red tag area at Jo-ann. I used spray paint to distress the fabric and dirty it up.

Basically, this is a HIGHLY modified thrift store outfit. Just goes to show what a little searching and lots of modification can do.

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